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  • No meeting customers face-to-face or on the telephone.
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£7,504.89 in 30 days in eBay sales

eBay Sales Figures

£6,800 in 16 days – all from eBay sales – transferred into my personal bank account

PayPal Transfers

Here’s feedback on just one of my ebay accounts which currently stands at over 10,000!

eBay Feedback

This is such an easy way to make some extra cash…here’s why…
  • High-street shops are closing and people are going online to shop on eBay.
  • eBay.co.uk currently has over 13,000 categories.
  • There are over 233 million registered ebay users around the world with over 14 million here in the UK.
  • 178,000 people here in the UK who rely on eBay as their main or secondary source of income.
Are you interested in joining them? 

There have been many press stories about people making a full time income on eBay, such as:

  • Julie King who sells shoes and boots and earns over £150,000 per year
  • Trevor George who sells fossils and turns over £250,000 on eBay per year
  • Louise Allen sells fitness equipment and turns over £1.3 million on eBay
  • Mark Radcliffe is the UK’s first eBay millionaire. He made his fortune selling mobile phone and computer accessories…
  • ….. and of course myself
eBay Powerseller Amanda O'Brien

eBay Powerseller Amanda O’Brien

From the home office of Amanda O’Brien (January 2014)

Dear Friend



I’m so glad you’ve arrived on this page. I’m so excited for you. The information you’re about to discover here is life changing.I really mean that. It changed my life forever, My name is Amanda O’Brien and I’ve been making a full time income from eBay for 9 years now. I’m just an ordinary woman.

I’m a wife, mother and chief dog walker. I love my life these days, have money for whatever I need, and I get a kick out of running a thriving eBay power seller business and showing other people how to do the exact same thing.

There is unlimited potential and room for everyone to make money with eBay.

Amanda on HolidayThese days I go on holiday when I want and as often as I like. And I love the financial freedom that comes from this business. You now have the opportunity to run a successful eBay business too, and in a fraction of the time it took me to get up and running. You can be up and running in the next few days.

But first of all…

A big word of warning…

There are a ton an unscrupulous people out there selling get rich quick guides about eBay and they will do nothing but drain your time and money away.

I know because I fell for them time and time again.

I was just about to give up when I discovered the real secret to making money with eBay.

It was about 9 years ago now when I knew I had to find another way to make a living. I felt like my 9-5 was crushing me more and more every day and I hated the lack of freedom, independence or future progression in my work.

The idea of working online, specifically on eBay popped up in a conversation with my husband one night. I liked the idea of working with eBay because the site was well known and a number of friends used it. I had read stories in the press of people just like me making a good living on eBay too.

I thought it could provide me with the freedom and independence I craved without having the hassle of another 9 to five. I’m sure you get what I mean right? Well fast forward 6 months or so and I was further away from my goals than ever. I was frustrated and broke, having bought a ton of info products on how to make money on eBay and having got nowhere.

Sound familiar?

Now call it fate or just dumb luck but one day…

I came across an article that completely changed the way I viewed selling on eBay

The author was one of the top power sellers on eBay and I’ll never forget what he wrote. He said if you’re going to be successful on eBay you just need to copy the people who are already successful.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

You just need to copy what works.

You see most of the guides out there teach people how to make money from everyday stuff you find at home or in your attic that you can sell. Now this may have worked years ago but these days you need to copy what the big companies are doing on eBay. The ones that are making all the money.

They are buying hot “in demand” products and selling them for hefty profits every day of the week.

Knowing this changed my life forever

After reading that article and doing more research I started to target some of the most profitable items that people were looking for on eBay. Items I could buy and sell for a healthy margin.

Items like the following….

Mystery ProductRecently I have purchased this product (which I can’t show in full as I’m still selling it!) from my supplier for £14.57 each including delivery and I sell them for £24.99 plus £2.99 postage - a total of £27.98Once all the associated costs have been deducted – stock £14.57, PayPal Fees £1.15, eBay Fees £2.50, mailing bag 10p and postage £2.20 2nd class – a total of £20.52 – I’m left with a clear profit of £7.46 per item and I sell on average 5 of these per day, 7 days per week. This gives me an average profit of £261.10 per week and that’s just from this ONE product.

And that’s just for starters, 
Bag for SaleHere’s another example of a product I have sold recently. I purchased this product from a supplier for £3.36 each including delivery and VAT and I sold them for £12.99 each including postage.  Once all the associated costs were deducted – stock £3.36, PayPal Fees 64p, eBay Fees £1.56, packaging 10p, postage £2.20 2nd class a total of £7.86. I was left with a clear profit of £5.13 per item and I sold on average 4 of these per day, 7 days per week. This gave me an average profit of £143.64 per week

So between these two products my profit was £404.74 per week…

I carry many, many products just like these. And remember, these products are listed and resold, over and over again automatically.

*Don’t worry about the automatic part – it’s very simple and you will be shown exactly how to do this.

Once you’ve done the initial listing of each product on eBay, there is NO MORE WORK INVOLVED except packing up the products and posting them! Imagine if you have 10 products listed and they all create £400.00 profit per week!

That’ll be £4,000 profit per week to spend however you wish!

Imagine what this kind money and freedom could do for you and your family.

One of the main advantages of selling on eBay is that everything is easily set up to run automatically which means you’ll only need to

1_week_examplespend an hour or so every day working. How great would it be to have all that freedom in your life? How good would it feel to be able to…

  • Spend money without thinking about it?
  • Stop budgeting for everything?
  • Secure your financial future?
  • Have more free time to do what you want when you want?
  • Treat yourself whenever you feel like it?

All of the above will become a reality for you in the next 28 days if you get the right start and exact instructions on what to do. I cover everything you need to make a full time living with eBay by working part time hours inside my limited edition book.

“eBay Powerseller Secrets”

This is a 227 page manual that you will receive in the post so that you can benefit, just like Paul.

“I had been using eBay for over 5 years without any kind of success prior to reading your book. I would go to auctions and buy what I thought people would be interested in but more often than not would end up losing money just to get rid of items I had stacked up in the garage.

It was obvious that others were making profits and I knew that there must be a way, your book was it…

In the 2 months since I read your book I have sold 52 items. The prices of individual items ranged from £2.77 up to £120. One customer bought 4 high ticket items at a total cost of £340 plus P&P…

I work full time and regularly put in over 50 hours per week. I am also married and have 3 children so if I can make this work anybody can.”

Paul Connelly, Oldham

eBay Powerseller Secrets“The breakthrough solution to making a full time income on eBay with part time hours”

Here is just some of what you will discover inside…
  • The secret techniques for finding products that sell like hot cakes on eBay time and time again.
  • The most up to date wholesaler information so you stay ahead of the competition and reap the income rewards your deserve.
  • The one and only proven effective way to find products that will jump start your business immediately and get you in profit ASAP.
  • Where to find products at the best prices for selling on eBay
  • The “no sweat no brainer way” to make sure each item you list sells. Maximising your profits.
  • The key strategy for maximising the number of bids you get. Driving your sales through the roof.
  • The quick start steps for setting up your pay pal and eBay accounts the right way so you save yourself a ton of hassle.
  • The can’t miss way to get the professional look that will pull in more sales than a regular ebay profile.
  • How to make yourself infinitely more attractive than your competitors so people buy from you and not them.
  • How one type of service on eBay that can make or break your business.
  • How to use the “best match” function on eBay to make sales again and again.
  • The incredibly easy way to access a secret contact list where you can get fantastic products at minimum cost…maximising your profits.
  • The essential things you must know as a power seller to make it.
  • How to make more money by doing less work on eBay with the use a simple automation tool that practically no one knows about.
  • The surprisingly simple and fast solution to sourcing red hot products immediately for bigger profits.
  • A little known way to cross sell your product without having people click away from your listings.
  • The proven way to getting more sales by creating positive customer feedback.
  • An exclusive look at my most precious list where I source all my products.
  • The secret to writing powerful product descriptions that will practically force people to buy from you today.
eBay Powerseller Secrets will transform your life within weeks!
“I am currently selling £2,800 per week, and have been selling at that rate for the past month… and it is all down to the information you gave in your book…

I would unreservedly promise anyone that if they follow what you teach then they cannot fail on eBay…”

Derrick Haig

After you get your hands on the secrets inside eBay Powerseller Secrets you will be armed with all the info you need to make serious money in the next few weeks. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to get started quickly and easily to see results immediately. I’m handing you over a proven template for success with eBay and you only have one choice to make afterwards.

How big do you want to grow your business?

And how much money do you want to make?

You could be making £1000 a week at a minimum but the sky is the limit.

Here’s why this course is a fantastic investment

eBay Powerseller Secrets is jam-packed full of information that will not only guarantee success on eBay if you follow exactly what I suggest but will save you a ton of time of effort.

“I took Amanda’s course on a 30 day trial one month ago. This course is packed full of essential information, tips and tools needed to sell on ebay and grow a business. I have tried many different courses on make money on the Internet but all of the others disappointed me.

This one is easy to follow and has already brought me results. I am well on my way to Power Seller status. There is a lot to learn but I look forward to moving through the different sections and I am sure eventual big money selling. Thanks again Amanda, I have no hesitation in recommending your course.”

Philip Young

I spent over a year putting this information together so you get set up and get into profit quickly and easily. You have a clear roadmap in front of you to success right now. Even if you worked less than part time hours at this you could still make at least £300 a week.

So it’s easy to see how a home study course like this could be worth at least that amount of money then.

£300 for this manual is nothing when you consider that you could be making this every week starting today.

Here’s the really good news though:

You don’t have to pay anything like that today.

You can pick up your copy of eBay Powerseller Secrets today for just £37.

That’s a massive discount of 44% off the usual price of £67 – and this is a limited time offer! EPS_30G

Why such a special low price?

Well, like I said earlier, I was once where you are now. Looking for a way to make money online. To get the freedom and independence I craved. If you’ve come this far I respect that and I want to help. I don’t want money to stand in the way of you making the decision to better your life.

“I just wanted to share some good news with you Amanda, I’m now earning near enough the amount that I used to make working full time – that’s approximately £1000 per month – by selling on ebay! I only finished full time work in July so to have achieved this in less than a year is amazing. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU because I know I would not have achieved this on my own. I’m really excited about the future and can see my business will just continue to grow. I can’t thank you enough for your continuing support and advice.”
J.P. Shrewsbury

This £37 offer is time limited.

I offer full support with this system. which means that you can contact me anytime you like to ask me anything related to the manual however in order to maintain this level of support I have to limit the amount of people who have access.

So this offer could be taken down at any time.

Maybe even today.

I’m deadly serious.

If buy now you’re seriously considering investing in this life changing system you should know that,

You are risking nothing.

100% iron clad money back guarantee

I know you’re going to love this money making system and that you’ll be able to make a great full time income with part time hours on eBay. I know if you apply yourself, eBay Powerseller Secrets will change your life.

If for any reason whatsoever though, you feel like this system is not for you I want you to contact me immediately for a full refund anytime in the next 30 days.

What to do now

To order is very simple. Please click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to order eBay Powerseller Secrets online for just £37.00 and I will make sure that your copy of eBay Powerseller Secrets is posted out to you within 3-5 business days. So, you’ll soon have it in your hands in no time, ready to go!

I very much look forward to sharing all my eBay methods, techniques, secrets and contact details with you.

Very Best Wishes,




Amanda O’Brien

P.S. Make up to £1000 a week and more by working part time hours…

P.P.S. Take advantage of the special low price of £37…

P.P.P.S. Check out some more success stories below of people who are making a great living with this system…

“Hi Amanda

Can I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the help and assistance you have given to my partner and I. After an initial search for a niche we found what has turned out to be an excellent area for sourcing and selling items. We now sell between 4 and 14 items a day and never bank less than 100 pounds per week, often more, and we’ve only just begun! We are now selling complimentary items as you recommended and yet again this is proving a massive success. This is all thanks to the guidance and assistance you have given us so we would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you and look forward to expanding our business over the coming days, weeks, months and years.”

Karen and Garry
“Hello Amanda,

I recently purchased your book and firstly I’d like to say what a great read it is! It’s nice to see over 200 pages filled with well written to the point content for a change! Oh, and I’ve never seen a better mind chapter around, so much more confounded than the usual BS so well done and thank you for that!…

Kind Regards and Thanks again”

Mike Gregory